On the day we dreamed up TBCC it seemed like such a simple idea – spending the night immersed in the treetops of forests around the world and getting hundreds of like-minded people to do the same.  In the year that has passed since this exciting day in 2017, we haven’t stopped building the concept and have been bowled over by the support and enthusiasm of a global community that shares our dream. As today is the day that we formally launch the 2018 BCCO and open registration, it’s a great opportunity to talk about our dreams by explaining how TBCC came about, and the thoughts behind the concept.
We are a group of scientists, adventurers, canopy access specialists, wildlife photographers, film-makers and conservationists who have spent much of our lives living and working in the forest canopy.  Over the last 2 decades we have stood and impotently watched the escalating destruction of the world’s great forests.  Forests we love have disappeared, trees that have been our home have been torn down and made into paper, whole ecosystems destroyed for oil palm and the background feeling of an unassailable, relentless destruction has arisen.  But we have come to realise that there is no point fighting forest destruction with fear and negativity.  Pessimism makes things worse.
We have based the whole idea of TBCC around the concept of Conservation Optimism – with the belief that only positive, inspiring messages and activities have the power to turn the tide of forest destruction.  Connecting people to these magnificent places by showcasing them through canopy adventure may be a powerful tool in protecting them.  TBCC is about taking a stand for forests by planning inspirational canopy campouts all around the world and joining together as a canopy community to enthuse others.  Through this co-ordinated event we will show how all of our lives are immersed and entangled with the life of forests, and showcase our adventures with the world.
The central concept of TBCC has always stayed the same – sleeping high in the canopy of trees around the world on one special co-ordinated night – and sharing the experience with climbers on every forested continent to raise money for forest conservation.  We have always wanted this to be very informal, avoiding any pressure on participants and keeping a wild, expedition-type experience throughout, and this has evolved to include wild-forest camping on the forest floor to open the event to everyone. We are determined to keep this feeling alive, so there is no registration fee or formal commitment to make when you join TBCC.  We just want everyone to plan their adventures, in the trees or near the forest floor, and encourage others to join in or support you in your canopy campout.
We’re very excited to be opening registration today and are really looking forward to hearing your plans for this year’s adventure!
Feel free to download and share our BCCO flyer on the website and spread the word far and wide.
See you all in the trees on September 15th!