The crew The Big Canopy Campout asked me to make a video about what motivates me to be involved and this instantly came to mind. This was the most difficult video I’ve ever made because it just made me feel terrible. I focus what we do here at the tree projects on the positive, I made a decision to use positivity, adventure and fun as the way to tell the story of giant trees.

But every time we go climbing a big tree here is Tasmania we see clear fell after clear fell as we drive into the forest. And while I might rarely show it this is what motivates me to spend my time and money on the tree projects.


I really do not want to use this grotesque sight as a tool. Mostly for my own mental health, I wouldn’t be able to remain inspired and determined to create if this is what I focused on.

So this is why on 15 September I’ll be out on a mission into the treetops for a magical nights sleep totally engaged and inspired by where I am and the people I’m with.