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What is The Big Canopy Campout

On the night of the 15th September 2018 a community of passionate forest explorers will come together to sleep high in the tree-tops in the world's biggest co-ordinated canopy adventure. The event will open as the sun sets over the Eucalypt forests of Tasmania as we join the first of our inspirational canopy campouts high in the tallest flowering plants on earth. The Big Canopy Campout 'International Night of the Forest' will then follow hundreds of global particpants camping out in earth's diverse forests as we chase the sunset, night and dawn across the world. Climbers in spectacular jungle dipterocarps, frozen Eucalypts and massive American Redwoods will join together with enthusiasts in tree-tents, hammocks and pods in all forested corners of the earth to explore, inspire and protect. The community will be sharing stories, images and video via social media as they experience the wonder and beauty of our incredible forests. As the sun rises over the mountain forests of Maui we will have travellled the earth and taken part in the planets most spectacular forest adventure. Everyone is welcome to join The Big Canopy Campout!. Plan your forest adventure and share your experience with the world
Registration opens in March 2018
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